D4500i – Agras Generator

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The complete variable frequency charging station is a high power charger and generator.
Comprehensive frequency conversion charging station. The charging station has low fuel consumption, stable output, dustproof and anti-corrosion, the protection level of the whole machine reaches IPX4.


D9000i Almighty Frequency Conversion Charging Station

Startup method One key start, pull start
Work temperature -20°C up to 40°C
Working humidity 95% tracking
Maximum operating altitude 1000 meters
Rated motor speed 3600RPM
Fuel model 92# gasoline
Engine oil model SAE 10W-30
Fuel tank capacity 9 liters
Engine oil capacity 0.6 liters
Rated output DIRECT CURRENT: 40-60 V / 50 A
Charging power 3000W (60V/50A)
Maximum engine power 4500W
Maximum engine displacement 212 CC
battery adapter T10/T16/T20 Intelligent Flight Battery
Fuel consumption (for reference only) 0.3 L/Per piece T10 Intelligent Flight Battery (from 30% Charge to 95%)
Dimensions 480 X 422 X 427 millimeters
Weight 35.2 kilograms


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