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DJI Power 500

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1000W Genuine Stable High-Capacity Power Output [1]

Meets power requirements of common household appliances

Dual 100W USB-C Ports, [2] Super Fast Charging

Two smartphones charged simultaneously to 50% in 15 minutes [3]

25dB—Sleep Undisturbed Indoors or Camping

Quieter than most electric fans and other everyday appliances

Supports Solar Charging [4]

Fast Charges DJI Drones [4]

DJI Power SDC super-fast charge

Comprehensive Safety

LFP battery cell, 4000 cycles [5]

Fully Charged in 70 Mins [6]

Recharged to 80% in just 50 mins [6]

Up to 5 Years of Warranty [7]

DJI 512Wh Portable Power Station

1000W Genuine Stable High-Capacity Power Output

The compact and portable DJI Power 500 has a battery capacity of 512 Wh to provide a max output power of 1000 W. [1] It is capable of powering high-wattage appliances such as electric kettles (900 W) and can charge a computer and smartphone simultaneously, providing stable power until battery runs out. [8]

512Wh Capacity Charging Ability

Camping and Road Trips

Content Creation

Home Backup Battery





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DJI Power 500 + 120 W solar panel 1x power
DJI Power 500 + 120 W solar panel 1x solar panels
DJI Power 500 + 120 W solar panel 1x Powerstation
DJI Power 500 + 120 W solar panel 1x power
DJI Power 500 + 120 W solar panel 1x Station
DJI Power 500 + 120 W solar panel 1x solar battery
DJI Power 500 + 120 W solar panel 1x power


The DJI Power 500 + 120 W solar panel 1x is a powerful mobile power station with an output power of 1000 watts, perfect for charging DJI drones, gimbals and other mobile devices such as cameras and laptops. Two USB-C PD 3.1 outputs enable fast charging, while the short charging time of just 70 minutes and protection against overload and overheating ensure efficient and safe use. With the option for solar charging and extremely quiet operation, the DJI Power 500 is versatile and is complemented by an extensive range of compatible DJI accessories. Buy the DJI Power 500 + 120 W solar panel 1x now together with many other high-quality products from DJI online in the TONEART shop!

DJI Power 500 + 120 W solar panel 1x

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DJI Power 500 – Maximum energy, minimum waiting time!

The DJI Power 500 + 120W Solar Panel 1x marks a significant advance in mobile power supply and sets a new standard for portable power sources. Designed for modern technology demands, it is the ideal solution for users who do not want to go without a reliable and powerful power supply while on the move.

With an impressive output of 1000 watts, the DJI Power 500 reliably supplies power for DJI drones, gimbals and a variety of other devices such as camcorders, cameras, laptops and smartphones. Two PD 3.1 USB-C outputs with a capacity of up to 100 watts enable fast and efficient charging of multiple devices at the same time, minimizing waiting times and increasing productivity.

The power station is fully charged in just 70 minutes and ready for immediate use. A comprehensive safety system ensures reliable protection against overload and overheating, both for the connected devices and for the power station itself.

The ability to charge the DJI Power 500 via external solar panels makes it independent of conventional energy sources. Its extremely quiet operation allows it to be used in quiet environments or for sensitive recordings without disturbing noises.

A wide range of compatible DJI accessories allows the DJI Power 500 to be flexibly adapted to a wide range of requirements and applications. Whether for professional film productions or everyday use – this power station delivers the necessary performance and reliability to be productive anywhere, anytime.

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

The DJI Power 500 Powerstation efficiently supplies your mobile devices with energy, ideal for on the go

Features DJI Power 500

  • Application: Provides a robust and reliable power source for a variety of devices such as DJI drones, gimbals and cameras
  • Fast charging function: Allows a full charge in just 70 minutes to minimize downtime
  • Two PD 3.1 USB-C outputs: Supports simultaneous fast charging of two devices with up to 100 watts per output
  • Solar charging option: Enables charging via external solar panels for maximum independence from conventional energy sources
  • Extremely quiet operation: Guarantees low-noise operation, ideal for use in noise-sensitive areas or when filming
  • Extensive accessories: Ensures high compatibility and adaptability to DJI products through the availability of specially coordinated accessories
  • Independence: Self-sufficiency thanks to a 120 W solar panel included

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x DJI Mavic 2 Zoom
  • 1x DJI Power cable


  • 12 months manufacturer warranty



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