Fisherman FD1

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Fisherman FD1 is a purpose-built waterproof fishing drone for every fisherman. It inherits the same technology from SplashDrone 3+ but removed all the bells and whistles that don’t contribute to bait dropping, thus reducing the cost. A stronger propulsion system enables the FD1 to lift heavier baits, fly longer and more stably in a windy condition.

2 KG (4 lbs)

Bait Capacity

Up to 5

Drops per Charge


Seawater-proof Aircraft

Level 7

Wind Resistance

1.6 km / 3 miles

Casting Range

Up to 30 mins 

Flight Time

2KG (4 lbs)
Bait Capacity

High-capacity lipo flight battery, combined with high-torque motors powers FD1 to lift baits of up to 2kg. Catch more fish or bigger fish by attaching multiple baited hooks or a big live bait to the line.

Waterproof remote-controlled bait release without camera for blind bait dropping.

Dual-use FPV
Screen Goggles

When the FD1 is fitted with PL2-F, an optional GL-1 FPV goggles allows you to see what the camera sees in real time. The GL-1 can be used as a display screen mounted on the remote controller, or on-face goggles.

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Fisherman FD1 is available in 2 versions: Basic and FPV. Go ahead to find out more about the differences between the 2 versions, their specifications and prices



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