SmartGyro Ziro 2 silver scooter

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 New product

  • Front and rear double suspension
  • 500w Brushless Motor
  • 10” wheels
  • rear disc brake
  • Lithium battery 36v/8.8 Ah BMS
  • Autonomy of up to 30 km
  • LED front position light
  • Front display
  • Blue lower lights
  • IPX4 water resistance

SmartGyro Ziro 2 Silver electric scooter, only 152km, sold due to not being able to get on public transport, has very little use with 10″ wheels, double suspension in front and rear fork, much more comfortable on uneven terrain and potholes in the road. front and rear lights, day and night as well as blue light on the lower part of the platform for better visibility, 3 speed modes Accessories to store it vertically Powerful Brushless Motor of 350w nominal power with direct transmission CCS cruise control system, Brakes: Double braking, regenerative braking and brake. disc rear. 36v / 8.8 Ah lithium battery.


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