XAG P100

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 New product

  • Atomization range of 60-400 microns
  • Nozzle shut-off valve: No dripping during work and transport shifts
  • 40L smart tank : Real-time perception of the dose
  • Maximum spray width of 10 m
  • Maximum flow rate up to 12 l/min
  • Smart mapping : 81 ha in 13 minutes 
  • 4D radar, intelligent obstacle avoidance
  • IPX6K  dustproof and waterproof
  • Open a new era of unmanned agricultural land management

    • Comprehensive perception of farmland information
    • AI-assisted intelligent decision making
    • Automate precision work

    Thousands of miles away, connected by a screen

    Jifei has been connected to China’s civil aviation UAV cloud system, real-name authentication and real-time monitoring of Jifei cloud system  and  support for electronic
    fence, no-fly zone self-inspection and remote locking, full visibility of the operation information and complete tracking of flight records.



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