Zenmuse X9-8K Gimbal Camera

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    • Full-frame 8K/60fps & 4K/120fps
    • 800/4000 Dual-Native ISO
    • Max 14.7 Stops of Dynamic Range
    • Built-In 9-Stop Physical ND Filters
    • DL/E/L/PL/M Interchangeable Lens Mount
    • Autofocus on Manual Lenses & Automated Manual Focus
DJI Ronin 4D RAW License enables Apple ProRes RAW video recording on Ronin 4D.

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  • USD $3,599

    The X9-8K gimbal camera can directly replace the X9-6K gimbal camera of Ronin 4D to form an integrated 8K filming system.

  • USD $6,799
  • USD $12,838

USD $3,599


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